Why don’t I keep posting?

I have been writing in English on my own blog for a short time. I will keep doing that as long as I find it efficient. If you are a subscriber of this blog, please change your subscriptions regarding the following URLs. Blog URL: http://sunali.comRSS Feed: http://sunali.com/feed/ Coskun SUNALI

DevExpress – Support

All busy days, lots of projects to design, develop and deploy. It is why I am not around for a while. I just wanted to give you an idea how the support department of DevExpress works. I had a problem with one of the support team employee, in fact it was my mistake that I have misunderstood the guy or it was just a reflex of my previous support request experiences, I don’t really know. And now, the CTO for the company and the head of support department pay attention to my problem (or “problemless”). Thanks them for not making me shy of suggesting … Continue reading DevExpress – Support