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  1. Hello, Nirmal

    Thanks for the tutorial on this, I am finding it very usefull… I did have one question tho.. How can I figure out what DLL File corresponds with a certain application. For example, I need to change the power setting for monitors to numerous users because their monitors shut off after 15 minutes by the default power settings. I would like to know which DLL file associates or changes when a power setting is changed. If it is another type of file that does this, please let me know if you can.


    Arun Prasad


  2. Hi Arun,

    DLLs contain functions and sub-functions. They are sub-routines of procedures. They don’t change at all.

    For any change in Windows reflect the change in the following repository:

    or other config files.

    In your case, changes will be saved in Registry.

    You need to find out the changes made by Power Options applet using WInINStLE and then deploy using Group Policy or a script using PSEXEC.


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