Driver issue – Server not booting in Normal Mode


If you face any issue with Windows driver or third party driver, you can replace Safe Mode registry with Normal Mode to get things working properly. If you can boot into Safe Mode and then there are some chances to restore your computer using the Safe Mode registry data because pre-defined drivers and services in registry key for these modes are not changed when you install any application.

This is how you do it:

  1. Go to Safe Mode.
  1. Start Registry editor > navigate to the following registry key:


  1. Save/Export this key to SafeBoot.reg file
  1. Next navigate to the following key:


  1. Save/Export this to Services.reg.
  1. Now edit SafeBoot.reg in notepad or wordpad (make sure you disable word wrapping) > next

Find all the entries with:


and replace all with the following:


  1. After replacing all entries save SafeBoot.reg file and double click on it.
  1. Now restart your computer in Normal Mode. It should boot.

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