How to delegate basic server administration to Junior Admins


Here is a complete list of articles for delegating controls to admins:


You can delegate permissions to junior Admins using MMC Taskpads.

How to use Adminpak.msi to install a specific server administration tool in Windows

HOW TO: Delegate Administrative Authority in Windows 2000

HOW TO: Create and Edit a Taskpad View in a Saved MMC Console in Windows 2000

Default Security Concerns in Active Directory Delegation

Delegate Control Wizard Cannot Be Used to Remove Groups or Users

Administrative Tool Menu Is Sensitive to User’s Permissions

In a Server 2003 domain, you can ignore the part about editing dssec.dat:

How To Delegate the Unlock Account Right

A must read for Domain Administrators:

Design Considerations for Delegation of Administration in Active Directory

*Achieving Autonomy and Isolation with Forests, Domains, and Organizational Units*

Using scripts you can set delegation on properties if you want:

Part 1

Part 2

You can find security attributes for each object in Chapter -6 of *Inside Active Directory-Second Edition*
Here it is: An online version of this book.

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