Group Policy to close off all programs before backup runs.

Let’s say you want to implement a policy setting that can be used to close off all the programs running in computer.

Actually speaking this is not bit easy but you can deploy a script that can do your job at specifed time using Task Scheduler service.

To accomplish above you need the followings:

1. A startup or logon script.

2. tlist.exe to display list of processes running on the computer and kill.exe to kill the processes running except Windows defaults.

3. AT command to schedule the script at specified time.

You need to know the *process name* of the application you want to close or kill. You can use resource kit tool called “kill.exe* to close the process of an application. When you kill the process, application will be closed automatically.

You need to run a script using Group Policy which will run at 10.00 PM everyday. You can achieve using Task Scheduler  service or using AT command in a script. Deploy this script using Group Policy.

Files opened by network clients must also be closed in order to perform backup. You can use the command outlined here to close all opened files by network users.  

Please follow this article:

If you don’t know what all applications clients are running then you need to use some kind of programming stuff which can identify and close the application. Likewise all running applications can be closed by killing the main process that is Explorer.exe. But if you kill explorer.exe then you need to re-run it in order to perfrom backup. Using some programming stuffs you can acheive this. Here is an example:

1. You create a script.
2. Use kill.exe in this cript to end PID of explorer.exe or kill this process.
3. Run a command again to re-start this process (explorer.exe) to lunch desktop and then perform backup.

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