Add a user to Local Admin group on All machines.

Scenario: You need to add a user (test1) to local
Administrators group on all computer. How do you achieve this??? no no…you’re
wrong here – don’t need to use VBScript or something like that simply use
PSEXEC to accomplish this! – intersting!

Here it is:

psexec.exe net localgroup administrators
test.local\test /add

Isn’t simple as pie?

-@server.txt – This
file includes the list of servers to be processed by psexec to run the Net
Localgroup Administrators test.local\test /add

net localgroup – This command directs NBT API to execute a
command using Windows Low-level sub-system. You should use Net Group for Global
security group if you’re gonna add to Global Security Group.


7 thoughts on “Add a user to Local Admin group on All machines.”

  1. Hi
    I tried your posting but had to use the syntax

    psexec.exe @server.txt net localgroup administrators /add

    as having tried the original syntax, I got a warning “There is no such global user or group: @server.txt”.

    However my version of the syntax also fails with “Access Denied” for every server listed in server.txt. Do you have any idea, why this would be so?

    Many thanks – Colin

  2. Access Denied can be due to a handful of things. I usually see this when I run this kind of command against a remote machine while using an account that’s not already an administrator on that machine.

    You need to be an administrator on the remote machine to add other folks to the local administrator group.

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