Ping Servers in DMZ

Let’s say in a situation you need to check the connectivity
of few servers in DMZ from your management server.

Scenario: You have 20 Servers
running in your DMZ network. You need to check connectivity of these servers
everyday or once a week to make sure they are up and running. The manual
process would be:

1. From your working computer you log on to your Management Server from which
you can ping these servers. You use RDP to connect to Management server.

2. Ping each_server and get response from Management Box.

To avoid manual process you can use PSEXEC from to do so.

This is how you do it:

You know these servers are in DMZ and can be pinged only from Management
Server. You use a simple script to do so:

For one server you can use the following:

PSEXEC \\management_server ping server_in_dmz > c:\PingResponse\Response.txt

For more than one server you use the following:

1. A server.txt file to put all the servers in

2. A CMD or BAT file to ping all the servers and
store their result in %server_name%.txt file.


@echo off
Check Servers Ping Response in DMZ network.

set srvlist=servers.txt
rem ———————————–

echo.if not exist “%srvlist% (
echo Can’t find Server List file: %srvlist%

echo Processing all Servers……….
for /f “tokens=* delims=AU” %%m in (%srvlist%) do call:checknow



set srvname=%~1set srvname=%srvname: =%
psexec.exe \\management_server ping -w 1000 %srvname% >




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