Free up some space on C:\ drive when its critical.

The following article displays how much space you can gain by freeing up some space on C:\ drive by deleting or moving the files/folders.

1. C:\Windows\Temp
2. C:\Windows\$NtUninstallKBxxxx  
3. C:\Winnt\DllCache

Note: SFC and WFP uses to restore corrupted System ModulesCan be moved to some drive and using Registry we can set the DllCache location in another drive. So when next time WFP runs it searches for DllCache folder on drive specified in registry.

4. C:\Winnt\Help                              
5. C:\Winnt\INF                               
6. C:\Documents and Settings\Users
7. C:\CMDCons                              
8. C:\Winnt\Memory.dmp                
9. C:\Winnt\LogFiles                       
11.C:\Program Files\Support Tools   
12.C:\Winnt\Driver Cache                
13.C:\Winnt\Driver Cache\ 
21.C:\Winnt\ *.MSI files

I will shout more if I have something more to add in here…

How to create a Second Home folder on a different server:

The below script creates a second home folder for currently logged on user. This is very useful when you want to keep two home folders for one user: 


@echo off

echo **************************************************************************************
echo Script to Create Second Home Folder for currently logged on user account
echo **************************************************************************************

REM The following command executes to create second home folder for user.
md \\server_name\Studentworks$\%username2%

REM The following command share second home folder remotely for currently logged on user.

rmtshare \\server_name\%username%2$ = c:\studentworks\%username%2

REM Now assign permissions to currently logged on user (Full Control)

xcacls.vbs \\server_name\studentworks$\%username%2 /g “domain_name/%username%”:F

REM Now map second home folder to J:\ drive.

net use j: \\server_name\studentworks$\%username%2

REM ***End***