How To See the Print Jobs On A Remote Computer Using Command Line

The following knowledgebase can be used to see the print jobs running on remote or local computer and their size.

Net Print

You can also use do the following using the Net Print command:

  1. Control a Print Job.
  2. Hold a print job for printing.
  3. Delete a print job
  4. Reactive a print job that is held.

The following options can be used with Net Print command:

NET PRINT \\computername\sharename [\\computername] job# [/HOLD | /RELEASE | /DELETE]

\\computername Is the name of the computer sharing the printer queue(s).

sharename Is the name of the shared printer queue.

job# Is the identification number assigned to a print job. A computer the one or more printer queues assigns each print job a unique number.

/HOLD Prevents a job in a queue from printing. The job stays in the printer queue, and other jobs bypass it until it is released.

/RELEASE Reactivates a job that is held.

/DELETE Removes a job from a queue.

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