How to Create A Service Dependable on Another Service.

The following knowledgeable article will explains the procedure you can use to make a service dependable on another service.

You need to know the following things before you can proceed with this:

  1. Short name of the service you are making dependent of.
  2. The registry location of the service.

For example, we have two services: Alerter and ThirdPartyService. Both the Services must exist in registry in order to make this work.

We need to find out the short name of ThirdPartyService. Now, navigate to the following location in registry to locate the short name of ThirdPartyService:

HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\thirdpartysvc — this would be the short name of ThirdPartyService.

Next, navigate to the following location in registry:


In the right pane, create a Multi SZ entry as explained below:

Right Click > select Multi-String Value

Then create a entry DependOnService entry and put the short service name of ThirdPartyService as a value of this entry.

Exit the registry editor and restart the Alerter service.

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