Inside SQL Server Cluster Setup and Troubleshooting Techniques – Part I

The SQL Server Setup process is really straight-forward. An experienced user who has got a little knowledge in setting up other applications can also perform a SQL Cluster Setup but what if issues occur? What will you do if you don’t see the newly added disks in the SQL Cluster Setup wizard? What will you do if you don’t see the list of available nodes in the SQL Cluster Setup screen? What if SQL Cluster Setup wizard fails to configure other nodes in the cluster?
The main objective of this article is to explain the internal process behind the SQL Server Cluster Setup. Please note this article only explains the SQL Cluster Setup process.

It doesn’t explain the SQL Server Standard Setup process. By reading this article you can explain the mechanism SQL Setup uses to find the list of nodes, list of disks and list of interfaces available in the cluster and also the SQL Cluster Setup DLL (SQLCluster.DLL) which is responsible to do the initial pre-work for SQL Setup wizard. This article also explains the how SQL Cluster Setup detects that it is going to operate in a cluster environment…………..Read more here:

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