Inside Exchange Cluster Setup and Troubleshooting Tips (Part 3)

So far we discussed the setup internal process before the installation of any Exchange Components for both cluster and non-cluster environments. In this section we discuss the Exchange Cluster installation internals and related troubleshooting tips.


    Unlike the SQL Server setup, the Exchange Setup isn’t straight forward. The SQL Setup process is really straight forward. You need to double click on Setup.exe and then follow the on-screen steps to create an SQL Server database instance in the cluster. On the other hand, before you run the Exchange Cluster Setup to install an Exchange virtual Server, you need to perform a couple of steps on Active Directory. Exchange Setup also performs a couple of steps internally to make sure the server on which you are going to install Exchange is ready. These checks are performed by the setup regardless of the installation mode (i.e. whether on a stand-alone server or a cluster).


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