Inside Exchange Cluster Setup and Troubleshooting Tips (Part 5)

Today we continue our walk through the internals of the Exchange Cluster setup installation. We look at the cluster specific modules. How these are installed, the important role they play in a cluster environment and more troubleshooting tips.

    Exchange Cluster Installation Process

    After setup detected that it is going to install the Exchange in a cluster environment, it executes theScSetupExchangeVirtualServer function as shown in figure B.15. The cluster setup process for Exchange starts from here. The procedure contains a set of functions that are used to make an Exchange Server cluster ready.

    Setup Entering into ScSetupExchangeVirtualServer procedure

    FIGURE B.15 – Setup Entering into ScSetupExchangeVirtualServer procedure.

    It executes and sets the install type to cluster. Setup copies the binary files from x:\Setup\Roles and X:\Setup\Common directories as shown in the main figure B.

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