Tip – Block Write Access To Run and RunOnce Registry Entries – Rectified.

Blocking write access to Run and RunOnce registry entries for malware or other unwanted programs running in the system.

Your system becomes unstable because of the malware programs running in the background. You identify these programs and kill them in the Task Manager but these programs will re-appear in the Task Manager after you reboot the system. This is because these programs will run again from the below mentioned registry keys:

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One thought on “Tip – Block Write Access To Run and RunOnce Registry Entries – Rectified.”

  1. This is an excellent approach Nirmal Sharma as obviously the Malware will not just leave of its own accord by using Task Manager to shut them down . Also to make general users run under a limited account, rather than with an administrator account.
    This programme I have found to be excellent is all types of Network and Home systems too , if I may raise this as well :http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms972827.aspx

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