Inside Exchange Cluster Setup and Troubleshooting Tips (Part 6)

Hopefully, this is the last part of the article series I have written for Exchange Server Setup.

In the 6th and final part of this article series we look into the actual creation of Exchange Cluster Resources. We also go through the different setup log files and summarize the type of information available from here.

    Creating Exchange Resources Types and Registering with the Cluster Service

    After setup processes all INS files, ScSetupExchangeVirtualServer is executed. This function is responsible to create all the Exchange Resources in the cluster. Let me tell you one thing, this function is completely dependent on the CLUSTER_SERVER.INS file. Only if setup executes CLUSTER_SERVER.INS successfully can Exchange 2007/2003 resources be created. The reason is simple…..

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    One thought on “Inside Exchange Cluster Setup and Troubleshooting Tips (Part 6)”

    1. We have a 03 node cluster Exchange 2007. Everday appears the event 1123 and in some cases the cluster failover happening. I have already check the network, the cluster configuration and until the Multicast was disabled in whole cluster enviromment, but the warnings continues.

      May you help me?



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