Two SYSVOL shares or SYSVOL missing!

Sometimes you may get in a situation where you have two-two SYSVOL shares and you don’t know which one is working and replicating information to other domain controllers.

No problem – sometimes SYSVOL may not be working properly and you get JOURNAL_Wrap error messages on domain controller. When FRS activates itself to replicate contents of SYSVOL to other domain controller it searches registry to find the correct path of SYSVOL. Registry contains the information such as SYSVOL folder location, SYSVOL share name etc. These information are supplied back to FRS to replicate its contents to other domain controller – Well! here is the problem – FRS says: “I don’t know what is what : This SYSVOL folder is not the one I’m looking for”. Folder have missing information. Now you’re stuck up here! Can’t go any more, can’t do anything with the system. FRSs second step to check DNS for SRV records registered by domain controller – that’s the other problem if it can’t find other DCs using DNS – that’s not the matter here.

Microsoft has written an article on Troubleshooting SYSVOL:

Check out here:

D4 registry entry in above article makes this domain controller authoritativ for whole SYSVOL share.

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