Tip – Background Zone Loading, New Functionality in Win Server 2008 DNS

Microsoft has changed the way DNS loads zone data into memory. Sometimes the DNS server can take an hour or more to load the data with extremely large zone data stored in the Active Directory Services. The result is that the DNS server is unable to serve the client’s requests in a timely fashion.

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Tip – How does Windows Server 2008 resolve Domain Controller Load Balancing problems?

This article discusses a new Group Policy setting which solves the Load Balancing issues with the domain controllers.

The DC Locator Service has been re-designed in Windows Server 2008 to include a new mechanism. When a client computer finds a preferred domain controller, it sticks to this domain controller unless that domain controller stops responding or the client computer is restarted. This is generally called Domain Controller Stickiness.

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Tip – Command Line Tips, Windows Server 2008 Server Core

Microsoft has released Windows Server 2008 in various editions. One of them is Server Core. There is no GUI included in the Server Core. You must perform all the commands by using the command-line tools supplied with the Server Core. Here are few important ones.

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Tip – A Quick Tip To Enable Terminal Services Access For Previous Versions of Windows

Allow previous versions of Windows to access Windows Server 2008 Server Core using Terminal Services.

Windows Server 2008 runs in higher security level. By default, Windows Server 2008 does not allow previous versions of Windows computers to access the Server Core via Terminal Services. You must turn off the higher security level to allow them to access via Terminal Services

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Tip – DFS Offers New Functionality in Windows Server 2008

DFS in Windows Server 2008 has been improved. The DFSR, a service running in Windows Server 2008, can now be used to replicate SYSVOL contents. Previously, we had to use FRS for SYSVOL. In Windows Server 2008, the DFS has the following new features added:

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Tip – ‘GlobalNames’ Zone, A DNS Feature in Windows Server 2008

Many Microsoft customers are still using WINS in their networks. WINS is often used as a secondary name resolution protocol for NetBIOS names. WINS uses NetBIOS Over TCP/IP (NBT) for name resolution. Organizations still use WINS because they like having the static names for their enterprise servers.

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Tip – How To Check If A PSO Has Been Applied To A User Or Group?

Checking users’ password policies in Windows Server 2008 domain.

In Windows Server 2008 you can implement multiple password policies for users or groups. The effective password policies for a user or group are stored in AD Attributes. You need to use Attribute Editor to check the password policy status. There is an attribute that you need to check. 

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Tip – Break Server Core registry to disallow processing of Run and RunOnce entries

This article will show you how you can disallow processing of Run and RunOnce registry entries. This article applies to Windows Server 2008 Server Core Edition only!

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