Visual FoxPro ‘Sedna’ March CTP now online

If you are working in Visual FoxPro and want to know more about the Sedna project you might want to take a look at the following link: There you will find the latest CTP as a download.   Even if you are not a VFP developer but use some other COM based language like VB 6 the Sedna project might of interest as it contains NET4COM, a library of COM wrappers around a selected subset of the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.   See Milind’s announcement at the VS Data Team’s WebLog (   Maurice de Beijer

Getting the temp folder

Maybe it isn’t a big issue but it is one of those things that waste my time and for that reason piss me of 🙁   The Environment class has a GetFolderPath() function that lets you retrieve a whole list of folders as defined by the SpecialFolder enumeration. Nice but the Temp folder isn’t part of the enumeration. If you want to find the temp folder you need to use the Path.GetTempPath() function. So how hard would it be to add the TempPath to the SpecialFolder enumeration and have the developer remember only a single function to check directories>     … Continue reading Getting the temp folder

Dealing with spam in Outlook

I don’t know how much spam you receive but I receive a lot. If I had to guess you receive just as much if not more and if not consider yourself really lucky 🙂 Even though I receive a lot of spam I consider myself lucky enough to use SpamBayes. Just in case you have never heard about SpamBayes, it is a statistical anti spam filter written in Python. Basically it just splits each message into its distinct words, assigns a spam probability to each word and calculates the total spam probability for the whole message. Messages are divided into … Continue reading Dealing with spam in Outlook

Are you experiencing the "Visual Basic compiler is unable to recover ….." error

Don’t you just hate errors like that 🙁   Well I am glad Amanda does too and she announced that they released a hot fix for the problem. Unfortunately you can’t download the hot fix, you have to go through PSS and request it. If you do refer to knowledge base article 915038. Don’t worry if you can’t find the KB article yet, it will appear later but PSS should be able to get the hot fix for you.   Now the only thing I don’t like is that we have to go through PSS to get the hot fix. … Continue reading Are you experiencing the "Visual Basic compiler is unable to recover ….." error

Are you doing to the DevDays in Amsterdam?

If you are going to the DevDays in Amsterdam this year come by and say hi. I will be at the Microsoft Paviljoen along with a number of other MVP’s where we are supposed to have our own corner. If you haven’t decided yet and are in the Amsterdam neighborhood take a look at for more info about the DevDays. There are quite a number of good speakers and sessions so it is definitely worth the time.     Maurice de Beijer

VSLive Advancements in Data Access

Steve Lasker, the one from the Microsoft Visual Basic team, has posted the presentations from VSLive online at In the samples he shows some interesting ways to solve typed data table and data adaper problems. Samples include: ITableAdapter Keeping the typed TableAdapter private while exposing the typed DataTables The future direction Microsoft is going with their data development. Recommended reading! Maurice de

Just bought a new paraglider

This weekend was the first in quite a while that I could go paragliding again. I was in the market for a new glider and I had a number of test flights on the Airwave Sport 3 and I really like it 🙂 Guess I am no longer in the market as I have one on order now. Now all I have to do is wait for good weather and the next trip to France Maurice de

Scott’s VB6 migration pains

Some people have a gift for writing. Scott Swigart, one of the people on the VB insiders mailing list sure has the gift. In a recent post he shared his frustration while consulting for companies that where migrating from VB 6/Access to VB.NET. Roy Osherove posted it to his blog and it makes for a nice read. The only sad thing is that it is painfully true. The good thing is that Microsoft is aware of the issues and is working on them. See for a good if painful laugh. Maurice de