The future of ADO.NET

Shyam Pather, development lead on the ADO.NET team, has put together two interesting web casts about the future of ADO.NET and its relation to LINQ.   They are recommended watching ff you are interested in the future of ADO.NET.     Maurice de Beijer

SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Feature Matrix

One of the common misconceptions is that SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services is a free product. Not really surprising maybe because Reporting Services is part of SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services. Now that version is free bit that doesn’t mean the Reporting Services is completely free product, just that one of its SKU’s is free.   Reporting Services has a number of different features and, just like the different versions of SQL Server have different options, depending on the version you can do more or less with it.   The free version has quite a few limitations … Continue reading SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Feature Matrix


Regulazy? WTF might that be?   Well I haven’t actually tried it yet but it looks like one amazing way to build regular expression without going insane over the syntax. Sure regular expression are extremely powerful but the syntax is straight out of a horror movie and unless you do it a lot you need to lookup even the basic syntax every time, not a pleasant experience.   Now Roy Osherove has released a tool that makes it all far easier, just point and click and the designer will generated the required regular expression syntax for the job. Sure looks … Continue reading Regulazy

SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services

Recently I have been working with SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services on a WinForms project. Now SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services is a really nice and impressive product and I like it a lot but some things I just don’t get. The problem I am having at the moment is with exporting the data. If I use the web service ReportExecutionService classto render the report I get a list of 10 possible render formats when I use the ListRenderingExtensions() function. These are: XML NULL CSV IMAGE PDF RGDI HTML4.0 HTML3.2 MHTML EXCEL   Great, lots of options. The one I … Continue reading SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services

DataColumn Expressions and lookup tables

One frequent problem in database application is displaying values from a lookup table, for example the description of a customer type instead of the code itself.   One easy way to do this is through a DataColumn Expression and a relation between two DataTables.   The following code shows a quick and easy way to do this: Module Module1     Sub Main()         Dim ds AsNew DataSet         Dim dtCustomers AsNew DataTable         Dim dtLookup AsNew DataTable           ‘ Create a lookup table         dtLookup.Columns.Add(“Type”, GetType(Integer))         dtLookup.Columns.Add(“Description”, GetType(String))         dtLookup.Rows.Add(NewObject() {1, … Continue reading DataColumn Expressions and lookup tables

Exception helper 2.0

Bill McCarthy has just released the Exception helper 2.0 addin for Visual Studio 2005. The Exception helper is a great little addin that check for all possible exceptions that a piece of code, including all code that is called, can throw and add the relevant Catch handler.   A very useful and recommended addin. Download it from: or watch a quick demo at:     Maurice de Beijer

SQL Server Everywhere videos

Recently Steve Lasker put together a few demonstration videos to show what SQL Server Everywhere is all about.   Installing the SQL Server Everywhere CTP Deployment Options for SQL Server Everywhere Programming options for SQL Server Everywhere   Enjoy!   Maurice de Beijer

Database Concurrency Conflicts in the Real World

I almost to forget to plug my own article in my own blog 🙁 But here it is 🙂   A lot of articles have been written about database concurrency conflict detection and the various ways of handling them. Unfortunately most of these articles, and accompanying solutions, have one major flaw in that they focus on the technical issues and database implementation instead of real-world data and how people use the data. In this article, I will try to show the difference between focusing on the database implementation and on the real-world data. I will show some possible approaches on … Continue reading Database Concurrency Conflicts in the Real World

Windows Workflow Foundation

If you are in the planning stages for a new .NET project I strongly suggest taking a look at Windows Workflow Foundation. Of course it isn’t released quite yet but it’s in beta 2 so anything out there isn’t going to change a whole lot.   So why is Windows Workflow Foundation so interesting? Well most applications I work on, and I suspect the same is true for pretty much every other database application, contains workflows. Sometimes these workflows are only implemented through work practices and not really enforced in code. Most of the time however these workflows are implemented … Continue reading Windows Workflow Foundation

Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Microsoft Office System Client TroubleShooter

Developing VSTO applications can be fun and certainly very productive. But just like all other software development it isn’t without its own share of problems.   To help solve some of these problems Microsoft PSS has released the VSTO 2005 Client TroubleShooter tool. Maybe not guaranteed to solve all your VSTO problems but another tool that gives you some more information.       Maurice de Beijer