Software Developer Event

September 15th we are hosting another Software Developer Event. This SDE is focused on WEB development so if you are in the Netherlands and even remotely interested in WEB development you really should go.   And its not just for .NET developers either, Visual FoxPro, Delphi and Visual Objects developers are welcome too. Of course Java, Ruby and all others too be we don’t have anything special for them L   The session (in Dutch)   Overzicht sprekers en sessies Delphi C# Visual Basic.NET DotNetNuke FoxPro Visual Objects 8:30 Registratie / Ontvangst 9:00 Delphi 2006 en (Custom) DBWeb Controls Bob … Continue reading Software Developer Event

Creating a mover control.

One of the controls just about every developer seems to create is a mover. Basically a mover consists of two list boxes, the left one containing the available items, the one on the right containing the selected items. Selecting one or more items and clicking a button, or drag and drop sometimes, selects or deselects the items.   Now there are several ways of doing this but frequently people are moving items between list box Items collection. Now this works but there is a far easier way to handle this. Create a DataTable with the items in question. Add two … Continue reading Creating a mover control.

LZO.Net High-speed compression for .Net

Looking for a compression library that gets around? LZO is a fast compression library that was actually uses on the NASA rovers Spirit and Opportunity. Michael Link created a .NET wrapper class so using it is a breeze. The following is the sample application listed on the LZO.NET home page:   // Create the compressor object LZOCompressor lzo = newLZOCompressor();   // Build a quite redundant string StringBuilder sb = newStringBuilder(); for (int i = 0; i < 10000; i++) {     sb.Append(“LZO.NET”); } string str = sb.ToString(); Console.WriteLine(“Original-Length: “ + str.Length);   // Now compress the 70000 byte string … Continue reading LZO.Net High-speed compression for .Net


NDoc was a great tool to generate documentation for the code I wrote. Unfortunately its been very quite around NDoc for a while but now Kevin Downs has decided to stop the project altogether. A shame but given the reasons he lists quite understandable.   So what else to use as a documentation tool? Well it just so happens that Microsoft has released a CTP of Sandcastle. And Sandcastle just happens to be a documentation compiler for managed class libraries. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered 🙂 See for the download or for more information.   Maurice de Beijer … Continue reading Sandcastle

VS .NET 2003 SP1 is available!

Now that’s a surprise as I wasn’t expecting a 2003 SP anymore. Now if they would only do a 2005 SP I would be a happy camper 🙂   See for Somasegar’s announcement.   Maurice de Beijer