Using custom namespaces when wrapping workflows in a web service

By default the web service wrapper generated around a workflow use the “” namespace. Not very pretty and certainly not something you want to use in a deployed application. So people started complaining and Microsoft listens (sort of).   Paul Andrew published the solution on this blog at Now I don’t like it as it means searching for temp files with vague names, copying them and changing the generated code and ASMX page. Not exactly a pretty solution by any standards.   Unfortunately this is all we are going to get for now. Lets just hope a service pack … Continue reading Using custom namespaces when wrapping workflows in a web service

Jackie Goldstein is coming to the Netherlands

How often can you meet a software legend in the Netherlands? Not very often, I tried to get him to the Netherlands earlier this year for an SDE event but unfortunately scheduling conflicts prevented this 🙁   Well VBCentral and André Obelink has been more successful and will host an event with Jackie as speaker on November 22nd. You can register for this event at Highly recommended!   Maurice de Beijer

Tech-Ed Developers Europe

Its almost time, less than two weeks to go to the start of Tech-Ed Developers in Barcelona. I am really looking forward to it 🙂 Just hope my back isn’t going to trouble me too much as recovery is going a bit slower than I originally expected 🙁   If you are going come by an the Ask The Experts stand and say hello or ask any question you might have about Windows Workflow, LINQ, VSTO or .NET 3.0 in general.   See you there 🙂     Maurice de Beijer  

Some thoughts on designing your workflows

So you are going to add WF to your application, great but now you are faced with some decisions like: Use state versus sequential workflows. How much to put in a single workflow. Where to leave all the information used by the workflow.   Well a while ago I wrote a blog entry on the choice of state versus workflows, see for the details. Next time I will write about where to leave all the information/data required by the workflow.   So the next question is how much to put in a single workflow. This is basically a question … Continue reading Some thoughts on designing your workflows

DotNet Developers Search

Google has only just released its possibility to create a custom search engine and already people are putting it to good use.   Dan Appleman decided to create a search site targeted at .NET developers. Now I have always said that Google is my friend when it comes to finding information but sometimes it just servers up a bit to much for my own good. Well Dan’s site will be a welcome first filter, only searching through selected sites and thus filtering out a lot of the garbage.   See his announcement at or the search engine at   … Continue reading DotNet Developers Search

Office 2007 file format videos

Brian Jones has released a few videos about working with the new XML based document structure in Office 2007. They make for some interesting watching if you are new to the Office 2007 XML format.   The basic file format:   Using the content controls in Word 2007: Recommended!     Maurice de Beijer  

Dynamically updating workflows

I just found two interesting blog post about dynamically updating workflows by Bart de Smet.   WF – How to make a workflow dynamic? Part 1 – From the inside – Part 2 – From the outside –   Recommended!   Maurice de Beijer  

Taking Microsoft Expression Web for a spin

I recently gave Microsoft Expression Web a spin while working on a new web site. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Now I didn’t do a full test of review but did use it to create a template for the new web site using the build in templates as start. Renaming a few files and a few small tweakes where enough to have it working in VS2005 as a regular ASP.NET web site.   One thing I noticed was that quite a few features where very Frontpage like. Well I guess that should not be a surprise 🙂   … Continue reading Taking Microsoft Expression Web for a spin

Some of the inconsistencies in Windows Workflow Foundation that occasionally bother me

For example adding child Activities to a another.A WhileActivity can only contain a single child activity, the same is true for a ReplicatorActivity. However a IfElseActivity and a ListenActivity can contain multiple child activities. Now the difference doesn’t matter much as the single activity in the WhileActivity or ReplicatorActivity can be a SequenceActivity which in turn can contain multiple children but still it’s confusing.   When a ConditionedActivityGroup is used you drop whatever activities you want in and these activities gain an extra property, the WhenCondition. On the other hand with the FaultHandlers you drop a FaultHandlerActivity in the top, … Continue reading Some of the inconsistencies in Windows Workflow Foundation that occasionally bother me

ASP.NET AJAX Beta 1 Released

Scott Guthrie just posted the news that ASP.NET AJAX Beta 1 is released. No not the final product but Beta 1! It is kind of hard to believe that the product is just at the Beta 1 stage. After all it has been talked about so much that it almost sounds like its been around for years and version 5 is about to be released. But no it is all hype so far. But that said I think it’s a very exciting product that will help ASP.NET developers create much more dynamic sites. But like anything else out there with … Continue reading ASP.NET AJAX Beta 1 Released