Occasionally Connected Systems Sync Framework

As you may be aware, after all I have given some presentations about it, I like SQL Everywhere and its capabilities for both partially connected client and utilities that just need a small local database. The main problem with SQL Everywhere is syncing the local database with its counterpart on the server. The existing possibilities, RDA and Merge Replication, have their uses but leave something to be desired for partially connected smart applications.
Well Steve Lasker is working on the Offline Data Synchronization and Caching library for SQL Server Everywhere. While it doesn’t quite work the way I advise people to do it the library seems like a well though out system and seems to do the job very well. Now personally I like to use MSMQ to push the changes back to the server, the main advantage is that as soon as the PC is back in the network the changes will be pushed up and be applied, no need to first start your application. Of course the same effect could be achieved by running the sync framework from a service but that way you lose the advantages of click once deployment. Still it look like an impressive and useful library.
Maurice de Beijer

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