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Sometimes mailing lists about Visual Basic can take an unexpected side turn and uncover some unexpected behavior. This time its about Google Image search.
Google Image search itself it quite cool and useful when searching for an image. Of course you won’t always find what you are looking for but sometimes it just doesn’t exist or isn’t indexed. Or at least that was my take on things. Turns out there is more to it though.
A fellow MVP was searching for an image with the Cup<T> logo. So she thought lets use Google Image search, I would have done the same. Now she can’t find it so ask on the mailing list of someone has a copy. Someone else uses Google Image search and it turns up as the first hit WTF! So a number of us try and as far as we can tell you get either 1 of two different result sets. One set starts with the required Cup<T>.
The second group don’t get to see this picture but get a result set starting with some Manchester United soccer.
We all use exactly the same search criteria “Cup<T> Generics” or
Neither location nor previous soccer searches seem to be the cause of this either.
So if anyone knows what the reason is I am more than a little curious so let us know.
BTW. A search using seems to work for everyone.
Maurice de Beijer

2 thoughts on “Google image search

  1. You are so right. In Live images search it returns: We didn’t find any results for Cup<T> Generics

    Not very usefull 🙁

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