WCF and poison messages

Working with WCF in general is quite nice. No longer are you troubled by the idiosyncrasies of the various communication protocols as they are bundled into the same API. Of course that doesn’t make the different protocols identical and there are still some differences to be handled. One thing is the netMsmqBinding binding and poison messages.   In general it isn’t to hard to handle poison messages. Using Vista you can even reject or move them to  a poison queue for later inspection. Not that much luck in Windows XP though. Basically you have two options, either Fault (the default) … Continue reading WCF and poison messages

Nationale Office Dag

If you are serious about Office and based in the Netherlands the “Nationale Office Dag” Is the thing to go to. Next Thursday, the 30th of November, the next one is held in Ede. And if you are going there come by and say hi as I will be there to present a session on VSTO 2005 SE.   CU there.     Maurice de Beijer www.TheProblemSolver.nl wiki.WindowsWorkflowFoundation.eu/  

SQL Server 2005 query shortcuts

SQL Server 2005 introduced some nice shortcuts for working with queries and identity or GUID key columns. These functions are specially useful if you want to write generic functions without worrying about the key names.   Given a table Article with an identity column the following query will retrieve all data and an extra column __pkey__ containing the primary key, whatever the name is. Select $identity as __pkey__,*FromArticle   Replace $identity with $rowguid if you are using GUID primary keys.   Enjoy!     Maurice de Beijer www.TheProblemSolver.nl wiki.WindowsWorkflowFoundation.eu/  

Windows Workflow Foundation samples

With the release of the .NET 3.0 framework last week the WF team has also released a large set of samples. All samples, or at least all I have looked at so far, are both in VB and C#, always good to see 🙂   These samples aren’t included in the default Windows Workflow Foundation installation so you need to do one more download. You can find the samples at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=73348.   Enjoy!     Maurice de Beijer www.TheProblemSolver.nl wiki.WindowsWorkflowFoundation.eu/  

Visual Basic hot fixes available for download

Getting a hot fix has always been a bit of a painful experience. It involved calling MS calling support and lots of people thought they should really be just a simple download.   Well it turns out the powers that be are actually listening and have started a new pilot program where we can just download the hot fixes. See http://blogs.msdn.com/vbteam/archive/2006/11/14/key-vb-hotfixes-available-for-download-by-chris.aspx for the announcement or go straight to the pilot program at https://connect.microsoft.com/content/content.aspx?ContentID=3705&siteid=210&wa=wsignin1.0   If you ask me it’s a step in the right direction 🙂     Maurice de Beijer www.TheProblemSolver.nl wiki.WindowsWorkflowFoundation.eu/  

Tech-Ed the week after

So finally back home after a week of Tech-Ed and time to reflect on the week.   Overall it was a great week with very few downsides. The only real downside was the hotel, my own choice, and the fact that La Rambla was pretty much a brothel at night. But not much of a problem and I was pretty busy anyway so it only bothered me a bit on the way back at the end of the day.   On average the sessions I went to where good, some very good, so no complaints there. I would like to … Continue reading Tech-Ed the week after

Tech-Ed day 4

So the last day of Tech-Ed has started. That is both good and bad. Guess its good because people are getting tired, I know I am, and suffering from information overload. The bad part is that there is so much more I want to hear about, guess I will be waiting for the DVD with recorded sessions to arrive.   Duty at the ATE booth yesterday was interesting again. Lots of people with questions, good thing. Like before a lot of people came with questions about LINQ, guess it’s the kind of thing that excited a lot of developers. And rightly … Continue reading Tech-Ed day 4

Tech-Ed day 3

Another day has started at Tech-Ed. Last night we had the country parties and the effect is visible on the people, they are getting tired and where slow to start this morning. But maybe it’s more than just the parties as there is load iof information and people are busy absorbing it.   First session this morning was about LINQ fro SQL by Anders Hejlsberg. He went over a lot of the details of LINQ for SQL. LINQ for entities was mentioned but unfortunately he didn’t go into when which would be the most appropriate choice. LINQ for SQL is pretty … Continue reading Tech-Ed day 3

Tech-Ed day 2b

So finally some more sessions. Actually got to see two sessions about Windows Workflow Foundation. The first by Matt Winkler. He gave a nice overview session about WF and how to use it. The session included some nice performance charts. Of course the performance statistics are very general and he warned about taking them to literal. Anyway the figures, and a lot more, are soon to be released in a WF performance whitepaper. The room was almost completely full.   At the moment Paul Andrew is explaining how to create custom activities. Another nice session with a packed room. Its … Continue reading Tech-Ed day 2b

New MVP perks

Well it is said that shoes are a vital part of making a first impression, remember the film Sneakers, so it seems we are getting a new MVP perk in the way of shoes. Karen Young is walking around Tech-Ed in the new prototype.     Cool 🙂     Maurice de Beijer www.TheProblemSolver.nl wiki.WindowsWorkflowFoundation.eu/