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I was tagged by Alex Thissen so I guess its my turn to tell 5 things you may not know about me.
  1. I never used computers much back in high school or in university. In fact I trained as an officer in the merchant navy and spend 5 years at sea. Most of this was spend working supply/anchor handing tugs for the offshore and oil industry. Had a great with lots of horror stories but its not the kind of job to do until you retire.
  2. I really love troubleshooting issues. I see it as a challenge to figure out what is going on deep down under the hood and getting stuff to work. And not just software. The only problem is that it sometimes takes a lot of time. This is also the reason for my company name ABL – The Problem Solver.
  3. ABL used to stand for Automatiserings Bureau Leiden. A real lame name I left behind when I moved out of Leiden. Just kept the initials for no good reason.
  4. I like doing extreme things. So I went skydiving, scuba diving, drive a motor bike (well used to, it hasn’t moved much last year) and go paragliding. I crashed my paraglider last year breaking a vertebrae so I guess I will be taking it easy for some time to come 🙁
  5. I love to travel and meat people. Amongst my favorite places to go are Cuba and Syria. Both leave a bit to be desired on the political front but the people are real hospitable. Some years ago I bought a single way ticket to the Middle East and just went backpacking for over a month and when the time was up got myself a ticket back home. Turns out I was in Jordan 🙂
Guess its my turn to tag some other people. They are Yag, Jackie Goldstein, Matt Winkler, Arie Leeuwesteijn and Miguel de Icaza.

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