Windows Workflow Foundation and Designer errors.

One thing I really dislike is instable development tools [:(]. Now I do quite a bit of work with beta software and in that case it is to be expected. However when using production software it should just work and not throw random errors around. Not only does it mean I am not nearly as productive as I should be but if it happens to often I might just stop using a perfectly good piece of technology because the lack of good tooling.

One place I have been receiving a fair number of errors inside of Visual Studio 2005 is Windows Workflow Foundation. Now most errors seem to occur when working in Visual Basic [:(], switching to C# seems to produce better results.

However one error that crops up both in VB and C# is “Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component” while trying to open a Expression condition in a state workflow. This error seems to appear pretty randomly and most of the time just closing all windows and reopening the workflow is enough to solve it and continue work. There are times when that isn’t enough though and I need to restart VS.

Now the problem is I cannot reproduce this error on demand and to report it I really need to. So if you have any clue to the cause please let me know so we can report this as a bug and with any luck get it fixed.

Maurice de Beijer

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