.NET Framework 3.5 – WF and WCF 3 Day Event in Redmond, WA

If you read this post by Paul Andrew you can see we are getting an invitation to come to Microsoft for some additional training. Well it sounds interesting but I guess I won’t be crossing the ocean for this one. But it’s a pity that these kind of event are usually held in Redmond en never on other continents. Come on guys, we do a lot of work in Europe, Asia or for that matter everywhere else on the planet. So why don’t you schedule some of these events somewhere more accessible to the rest of us?   Still if … Continue reading .NET Framework 3.5 – WF and WCF 3 Day Event in Redmond, WA

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Microsoft Office System: Microsoft PSS VSTO 2005 Client TroubleShooter

During my VSTO – No Pain No Gain presentation last week I mentioned that the Microsoft PSS VSTO 2005 Client TroubleShooter is still real useful even though it hasn’t been updated for VSTO 2005 SE. But I did fail to provide the listeners with the URL where you can download it. Well here is: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=c9fb6a54-8069-4918-a6f9-e744928dfac3&displaylang=en   You can download the slides (in Dutch) and samples here.   Enjoy!     Maurice de Beijer www.TheProblemSolver.nl wiki.WindowsWorkflowFoundation.eu/  

Visual Studio Tools for Office – No Pain No Gain

Last week I did a presentation in Bunnik for the SDN on VSTO. The title was VSTO – No Pain No Gain. The presentation went quite well and I think a lot of people learned about some of the hardships of developing VSTO applications and how to get around them. Just remember VSTO is real cool but de dependence of the team on Office and the fact the they have to ship both with Visual Studio and Office, who are on a very different shipping schedule, presents some unique challenges. Still a very cool tool.   You can download the slides … Continue reading Visual Studio Tools for Office – No Pain No Gain

Dutch DevDays 2007

On June 13 and 14 Microsoft is hosting the Dutch DevDays in Amsterdam. And to spice up their marketing campaign they asked a few Dutch MVP’s and user group leaders to be in the campaign. So the add with me is out, guess all I have to do now is get an agent and wait for the modeling request to start coming in [:)] Then again maybe I should not give up my day job quite yet.   Anyway here is the ad.   Hope to see you there!       Maurice de Beijer www.TheProblemSolver.nl wiki.WindowsWorkflowFoundation.eu/  

ADO.NET Synch Services FAQ

Steve Lasker has compiled a FAQ with questions and answers [:)] people might have about using the ADO.NET Synch Services. You can find the FAQ on his blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/stevelasker/archive/2007/03/18/QAforOCS-SyncServicesForAdoNet.aspx   And if your question isn’t there just email him so he can add the question.   Enjoy!     Maurice de Beijer www.TheProblemSolver.nl wiki.WindowsWorkflowFoundation.eu/  

MVP Summit day 4

SO I didn’t blog about the last few days at the MVP summit. That isn’t because we didn’t hear any new information, in fact we heard plenty of it but most of it is under NDA so I cannot comment on it quite yet. But what I can say is that there are some cool things coming [:)]. Not that all our problems are going to be fixed, no the powers that be are going to leave some, and probably introduce some new ones in the process [:(], but some of my headaches are being addresses.   And of course … Continue reading MVP Summit day 4

MVP Summit day 0

So today the MVP Summit starts for real. Yesterday we had a party organized by Jeffrey Palermo, he did a real good job in getting everything organized and getting sponsors for the event. Thanks Jeffrey!     The part was fun although the conversation topic was mainly about computers, o well what can you expect it you stick 200 computer geeks in a bar[:)]   A few more pictures and I won’t bore you any more with this party [;)]             Maurice de Beijer www.TheProblemSolver.nl wiki.WindowsWorkflowFoundation.eu/  

Unit testing in Visual Studio 2005

One of the things I always disliked is that unit testing was only available in the enterprise VS2005 SKU, just like professional developers don’t need or use unit testing. Yeah right, that is one of the hallmarks of a professional coder is you ask me. So I, amongst others, complained about this to Microsoft and it appears we have some influence because they have decided we are right [:)] and the next version of Visual Studio will include unit testing in the professional SKU as well. Well what can I say other than a great big THANK YOU!   Hope I can … Continue reading Unit testing in Visual Studio 2005

Seattle and Rome

So I am in Seattle for the MVP Summit and one of the effects of the time difference is that I was awake very early. And the weather not being all that nice I decided to play around with Photomatix and Photoshop for a bit [:)]   Last week I added an HDR picture I shot during my weekend in Rome. As I mentioned that version was done using a few low res jpeg files and I would redo it when I got my hands on the original raw files. Well I have the raw shots and have redone it. And … Continue reading Seattle and Rome

MVP Summit

So I have been a bit quite these last few weeks. Well a small side trip to Rome was part of the reason [:)]. This is a HDR picture taken at night in the Forum. The picture is actually created from three small JPEG’s I will redo it with the original RAW images when I get them from my girlfriend who is sort of monopolizing my EOS [:(].     See http://picasaweb.google.com/maurice.de.beijer/2007Rome for some more pictures.   But more importantly I have been preparing for the MVP Summit next week. We, that is a lot of MVP’s, will be in Redmond … Continue reading MVP Summit