Code Camp update

Het is al bijna zover, nog minder dan twee weken en het eerste Nederlandse Code Camp is een feit. Alles tot nu toe wijst erop dat het een groot succes gaat worden. Zo was er een fors overschot aan potentiele sprekers en hebben we een mooi en divers programma op kunnen zetten. Over gebrek aan interesse van deelnemers hoeven we ook al niet te klagen, de inschrijving is al even gestopt omdat het maximaal aantal deelnemers bereikt is. We zouden graag meer deelnemers toelaten maar de ruimtes laten eenvoudigweg niet meer mensen toe. En gebrek aan interesse van sponsors hebben … Continue reading Code Camp update

Live From Redmond Webcast Series

Beth Massi, a former VB MVP who has joined the form [:)], just blogged about a serie of blog casts the VB team is putting together. These web casts are all about VB9 and Visual Studio Orcas with stuff like LINQ, Offline data and SOA. Some interesting stuff so make sure you watch them. That is if you are in the least bit interested in the future of VB and the .NET framework, but I suspect you are ir you wouldn’t be reading this [:)].   Read her blog post with links and dates of the events at   … Continue reading Live From Redmond Webcast Series

Expression designer SKU and the MSDN library

Some people complain that Microsoft never listens to customer and I have to agree that it sometimes does appear that way but not this time [:)] A lot of the MVP’s have been complaining about the original plan to exclude the Expression designer SKU from the MSDN subscription. Now that sucked big time because these designer are really needed when working with WPF and XAML. Well luckily Microsoft listened this time around as Soma just announced that the Expression Studio will be included in the MSDN Premium subscription. Read his announcement here.   Enjoy the designer [:)]     Maurice … Continue reading Expression designer SKU and the MSDN library

ASP.NET DataFormatString and HtmlEncode

This seems to be one of those issues that keeps on confusing people and not surprisingly really.   When you set the DataFormatString on a bound field to something, say “{0:N2}” for a numeric field it seems the data is ignored. One way of fixing this is by selecting the “” link and turning the item into a template. There is however a better way and that is setting the HtmlEncode flag to false. This is actually caused because the value is Html encoded before the data formatting is done, I presume because of security reasons.   Enjoy!     … Continue reading ASP.NET DataFormatString and HtmlEncode

Interesting build error on a SharePoint project

I am working on a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 project and must say I see some surprising things. On the whole I expect WSS to be quite an important and capable platform to use but so far it seems to deliver less than promised, maybe its just the learning curve.   But some error messages are really less than useful [:(]   During a build I received the following error: Error    1    The specified name is already in use. A list, survey, discussion board, or document library cannot have the same name as another list, survey, discussion board, or document … Continue reading Interesting build error on a SharePoint project

Sander has just been re-awarded as an MVP and a fellow Code Camp organizer

Sander Gerz just posted here that he has been re-awarded as an MVP for another year. Good to here because he is certainly part of the active crowed over here. In fact he is one of the people helping to organize the 1st Dutch .NET Code Camp, see here, by doing the session planning together with Andre Obelink. In his blog he gives a preview of the session we will be hosting. Lots of good stuff so if you haven’t registered yet make sure you do before we reach the maximum capacity.   Hope to see you there!     … Continue reading Sander has just been re-awarded as an MVP and a fellow Code Camp organizer