Web Charting Controls

Some time ago I did a review of web charting controls and as other people might be looking into this as well I thought I would share a brief summary. Now I didn’t do a complete review so make sure that the chart controls in question have all the features you require. Good looks When you want to go for good looks there is one clear winner and that is ComponentArt. Their charts look amazingly good and none of the others comes even close. Not that their competitors look bad, in fact most of them look quite nice, but there … Continue reading Web Charting Controls

Microsoft DevDays day 2

We are just finished with the last day of the 2007 Microsoft DevDays and looking back it would say it was a was a great success. Lots of people, from what I hear almost 25% more than last year, attended and from what I heard most where more than happy. I attended some more good sessions today and did my Worflow Activity development Chalk&Talk. Not all that many people turned up for the C&T session but we still had some interesting discussions. Marcel also did a Workflow presentation including a quick demo of his impressive WCF activities for Workflow Foundation … Continue reading Microsoft DevDays day 2

Microsoft DevDays day 1

The first day of the Microsoft DevDays is almost over as I am listening to the last session of the day. At the moment I am listening to Ingo Rammer presenting about combining WCF and WF to create solutions. And he is doing a good job, I just hope there will be enough questions left tomorrow for my WF Q&A session. Before this there have been a number of other interesting sessions. Scott Guthrie did the keynotes and as usual he did a great job [:)] Of course a lot of material is the same as was presented at MIX … Continue reading Microsoft DevDays day 1


No not the one in Athens, Greece but the one just announced by Microsoft. Apparently the Patterns and Practices group is busy and keeps turning out new stuff. Recently they released version 3.1 of the Enterprise Library with some interesting capabilities. This time it’s a new product code named Acropolis. The tag line says “The future of Smart Client” and that should give you a pretty good idea of what the goal is. Apparently they have taken the lessons learnt from the Composite UI Application Block (CAB) and the Smart Client Software Factory (SCSF) that build on top of CAB … Continue reading Acropolis

DotNetRocks interview with Frans Bouma online

Recently Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell recorded a DotNetRocks interview with Frans Bouma. Now I listen to most DNR episodes during my commutes in the car but I think I will repeat this one a couple of times. Frans is a really nice and bright guy so it usually pays to listen to what he has to say. And we had a lot of fun together last year when we did the Visual Basic versus C# session. For what it is worth, if you are looking into ORM products his LLBLGen Pro is certainly worth a look. I have used … Continue reading DotNetRocks interview with Frans Bouma online

Windows Communication Foundation Activities for Windows Workflow Foundation are released.

I actually missed the release or the WCF activities for windows workflow a few weeks back but Marcel de Vries did a demo yesterday as part of his presentation at the SDE meeting. And I must say its an impressive piece of work that includes the whole enchilada, from sending and receiving messages all the way to generating the actual WCF class required in your service. If you need to do any work with WCF and WF before the Visual Studio Orca’s release I can only recommend that you download this library and give it a good try. Of course … Continue reading Windows Communication Foundation Activities for Windows Workflow Foundation are released.