Cool CodeRush/Refactor video

If you have never seen CodeRush in action you should check out the video in Jackie Goldstein’s blog post. This was created when he asked Kim Major to do a presentation. The effect is pretty cool. Now I use Refactor and CodeRush but I am nowhere as fast as this, even with practice [:(] Guess I should study up on all the hotkeys as I saw quite a few I don’t know about. BTW CodeRush and Refactor are created by Mark Miller, an amazing guy in more than one way [:)] Enjoy! 

Custom workflow activities and the PersistOnClose attribute

If you are developing your own workflow activities make sure you take a good look at the PersistOnClose attribute! If your activity does any work like changing a database its more than likely that you don’t want to have the action executed twice. If the workflow runtime is stopped after your activity has completed without this attribute and is restarted later it will be restarted at the last persisted point, which is before your activity. The result being that your activity is executed again, not quite what you had in mind [:(]. The PersistOnClose attribute makes sure that the workflow … Continue reading Custom workflow activities and the PersistOnClose attribute

SQL Server tip update

Some time ago I mentioned a quick and dirty way of cleaning out the SQL Server transaction log files on a development machine. This trick works perfectly well but Hugo, a fellow Dutch MVP, pointed out that in most cases it is far easier to just change the recovery model of a database to simple. Once done the transaction log is just bog enough to save the current transaction and this is discarded as soon as it is complete. chancing the recovery model is easy, right click the database in the SQL Server Management Studio, select Properties, go to the … Continue reading SQL Server tip update

Sync Services for ADO.NET and SQL Express on the client

Earlier this week at the SDC conference I gave a presentation about the Sync Services for ADO.NET. Some attendees where pretty exited about this new possibility to sync data between a local data cache and some sever. Especially that they could use pretty much any database on the server as long as there is a managed provider. Now on the client side people where somewhat less thrilled that the only option seemed to be SQLce. In fact only a single person in the audience was currently using SQLce. Now I think SQLce is a very interesting product and could be … Continue reading Sync Services for ADO.NET and SQL Express on the client

SQL Server tip

Just a quick tip for when developing with SQL Server. When doing a lot of updates in SQL the transaction log might grow quite large clogging up the disk and slowing things down. An easy and quick way to cleanup is to use: backup log <<Database name>> with truncate_onlygodbcc shrinkdatabase ( <<Database name>> )go  Use the sp_databases stored procedure to see which database is getting big.   Warning: Keep in mind that the truncate_only option just dumps the transaction log so you do not want to do this on a production machine! But on a development machine where a database … Continue reading SQL Server tip