Developing custom Workflow activities

On November 22nd I will be presenting an evening session on developing custom workflow activities for the .NED user group in the Netherlands. During this session I will show you why you would want to do so in the first place, after all there are lots of standard activities to choose from. And once you get into developing custom activities there are lots of do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. And some might not be all that obvious during development if you are new to WF. Keep an eye out on the website for more details about the … Continue reading Developing custom Workflow activities

TechEd Developers 2007

Less than a week to go to TechEd Developers this year. And really looking forward to it [:)] This year I will be working as one of the experts in the Office development booth in the Microsoft Ask The Experts Lounge. If you are in Barcelona come by and say hi and maybe we can grab a beer or two [:)]   See you there!

Hidden cost in software offshoring

Matt Lockhart has published an interesting, and useful, article about outsourcing software development work to cheap labor countries. I have been involved with some companies that had outsourced work and have seen very similar experiences as he describes. So if you find some of your work being outsourced to far away counties this might be just the material you need. And remember, most business managers only care about the (financial) bottom line, not about code quality.

The Source Code for the .NET Framework Libraries

One of the most useful tools to me while developing .NET code has always been Reflector by Lutz Roeder. Why? Well simply because it gave me a lot of insight into the .NET internals and how things really work instead of having to guess based upon the observed behavior. Now being an MVP gives me some privileges and extra information but we never got our hands on a copy of the source code [:(]. Well it turns out that everyone, not just the insiders, soon will have that privilege. It appears that Microsoft is releasing the Source Code for the … Continue reading The Source Code for the .NET Framework Libraries