Visual Studio 2008 and Visual SourceSafe

If you are using Visual Studio 2008 in combination with Visual SourceSafe (VSS) you might be experiencing some problems. These are because the updated VS2008 support for VSS didn’t ship with VS2008 as it was supposed to. There is however a CTP with the VS2008/VSS integration you can download that should fix the problems for now.   More details and a link to the CTP download here:   Enjoy!

Pure XOML workflows and a custom root activity

Last week during my Workflow Foundation presentation I was asked a question about using a custom root activity with pure XOML workflows. This is always a bit of a drag to get working, especially because you need to do two things, one for the designer and the other for the runtime. Let’s start with the following setup. Solution WorkflowConsoleApplication4 ActualWorkflow.xoml WorkflowLibrary4 BaseWorkflow.cs The BaseWorkflow.cs contains the class BaseWorkflow that is derived from SequentialWorkflowActivity and is the base class we want to use for our ActualWorkflow.xoml. namespace WorkflowLibrary4 { public sealed partial class BaseWorkflow : SequentialWorkflowActivity { // The actual code … Continue reading Pure XOML workflows and a custom root activity

Documents from my Workflow Foundation talk

If you came to my DotNed talk on Workflow Foundation last Thursday at Macaw you can find the downloads for the PowerPoint sheets and samples below. For those who didn’t attend, feel free to download them but keep in mind that the sheets are in Dutch. For the first session: Intro into Workflow Foundation download this file. For the second session: Developing custom activities download this file. Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions.

Developing Workflow Foundation activities talk

Next Thursday I will be doing a talk for the Dutch DotNed user group hosted by Macaw. During this Dutch language session I will show you all the ins and outs of developing custom activities for use with Workflow Foundation. And for those not quite that well versed in WF there will be an intro into why one should want to use WF in the first place. There are just a few seats left so hurry up go the DotNed site to register if you want to go! Hope to see you there.

Visual Studio 2008 available

If you have an MSDN subscription you can download the released version of Visual Studio 2008. Great news, especially considering it isn’t even 2008 yet. I guess software isn’t late all the time [:)] Great job for all the Microsofties involved and thank for all the hard work! Check out for the download pages.


The last day of TechEd and my feet appreciate the fact [:(] All the standing around took its toll and I guess I should have brought different shoes. O well a good thing to remember for next year. Saw some more interesting sessions this morning. I started off with a session from György Balássy about using workflow foundation with ASP.NET applications. He did a pretty good job of showing what works and what doesn’t or where you need to tweak the defaults. This afternoon there were a couple sessions about VB and the future for VB developers. These where quite … Continue reading TechEd.Last

TechEd day 4

Just another day at the office called TechEd [:)] Today was another good day. Some very interesting sessions to watch and unfortunately some not so good as well. On the good side I heard Justin Smith give a deep dive presentation about WCF and he did an excellent job explaining the internals. I am not sure I will remember every one of the small differences between communication channels he explained but at the very least I know who to ask [:)]. Another excellent session was by Daniel Moth about developing applications for Windows Vista. Vista may not be the most … Continue reading TechEd day 4

TechEd day 2

So another day at TechEd Barcelona. Not all that much to report though. I had booth duty at the Ask The Experts booth all day so didn’t get to see any sessions yet. The booth was pretty quiet with not to many questions, so not much to report there. Now I am waiting for the last session slot of the day. I am going to What is new in WPF 3.5 by Ian Griffiths. I don’t think I have heard him before so I am just as interested in the speaker as the topic. This evening we are getting together … Continue reading TechEd day 2

TechEd Day 1

So TechEd Barcelona has started. Soma Somasegar did the keynote. No big surprises there and no real big announcements either. He did day that Visual Studio 2008 would be RTMed before the end of the month. Not the big news a lot where hopping for, i.e. that it was released today, but still some very welcome news. I am in the forst session now. Or more accurately my second as I walked out of the first as the speakers accent was rather difficult to follow. Too bad because I am sure it would have been an nteresting session showing WPF … Continue reading TechEd Day 1