TechEd Day 1

So TechEd Barcelona has started.

Soma Somasegar did the keynote. No big surprises there and no real big announcements either. He did day that Visual Studio 2008 would be RTMed before the end of the month. Not the big news a lot where hopping for, i.e. that it was released today, but still some very welcome news.

I am in the forst session now. Or more accurately my second as I walked out of the first as the speakers accent was rather difficult to follow. Too bad because I am sure it would have been an nteresting session showing WPF collaboration between a developer and a designer. But the accent… So now I am listening to a VSTO session, and the new V3 features.

Speaking of VSTO I will be working the VSTO booth in the Ask The Expert stand later today and all tomorrow. So you all had better come up with some interesting questions [:)]

More to follow as it happens.

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