TechEd day 4

Just another day at the office called TechEd [:)]

Today was another good day. Some very interesting sessions to watch and unfortunately some not so good as well.

On the good side I heard Justin Smith give a deep dive presentation about WCF and he did an excellent job explaining the internals. I am not sure I will remember every one of the small differences between communication channels he explained but at the very least I know who to ask [:)]. Another excellent session was by Daniel Moth about developing applications for Windows Vista. Vista may not be the most popular version of Windows yet but the fact is that it will continue to grow, whether we like it or not.

Unfortunately there are some sessions that are not quite as good. I just listened to Goksin Bakir but did not like the session at all. First of all he didn’t really explain the point of what he was doing and secondly his coding was very sloppy making for a very boring session.

I also ran into Amanda Silver and Jay Schmelzer from the VB team in Redmond today. Its always nice to meet them and exchange ideas. Recently there have been a lot of discussions about the future of Visual Basic and I couldn’t resist letting them know my position, as if they didn’t know yet.

More tomorrow!

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