The last day of TechEd and my feet appreciate the fact [:(] All the standing around took its toll and I guess I should have brought different shoes. O well a good thing to remember for next year.

Saw some more interesting sessions this morning. I started off with a session from György Balássy about using workflow foundation with ASP.NET applications. He did a pretty good job of showing what works and what doesn’t or where you need to tweak the defaults.

This afternoon there were a couple sessions about VB and the future for VB developers. These where quite interesting and showed some of the stuff coming in VB9 with Visual Studio 2008 later this month. One thing I never realized was that just including an XML schema in a project is enough for IntelliSense to use it. No need to do any extra configuration.

Right now I am watching the last session, also about VB but a Q&A session by Amanda Silver and Jay Schmelzer. Not a prepared session but basically the audience determines what is discussed. The suggested topics include quite a bit about VB6 and .NET interop, I guess there are still an awful lot of VB6 developers out there that haven’t made the switch to .NET yet. Another topic that I wasn’t really expecting here was VBA and the possibility of a VBA.NET but I guess the future isn’t very clear there. I would expect to see very few changes to the current status quo there.

So the bog speculation is where TechEd will be held next year. I heard rumors about all sort of places like Amsterdam, Copenhagen and even Istanbul. I guess I would lke the last as I think Istanbul is a great and very interesting city.

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