VMware Rocks [:)]

I have been busy installing a new laptop during these last few week. Got a nice an sweet fast machine with a 7200 RPM disk and 4Gb of memory. Now normally any of my machines are slowly but certainly wrecked by a combination of both writing new software myself and installing all sorts of software from others. Not that my software causes much problems (yea right) but all the other, including beta, software tends to wreak havoc on a machine over time. But no more [:)] With a large fast disk, plenty of memory and a 64 bits version of … Continue reading VMware Rocks [:)]

Are you handling all your exceptions?

Exception handling can be quite a tricky subject. How many and which exceptions do you handle and where? But whatever your exception handling strategy is you first need to know exactly what kind of exceptions can to be thrown in the first place. In Java there is a rule that every function must either catch or declare every possible exception. The result is that a function declaration actually shows the possible exceptions. If that is a good or bad thing is open for discussion, personally I think it just creates a lot of extra work, but it does give some … Continue reading Are you handling all your exceptions?

Building Windows Presentation Foundation applications in Visual Basic 2008

Setting Option Strict Off can be a very useful thing in Visual Basic but having project template depend on it being this way certainly isn’t a good thing [:(] Unfortunately this is the case with the WPF project template for VB and the result could be a compile error in a new project depending on your default setting of Option Strict. Not a big deal as the error is easy to correct but still a bit of a nuisance. Fortunately the error isn’t hard to correct and requires only a single code change. Find the line of code with the … Continue reading Building Windows Presentation Foundation applications in Visual Basic 2008

Automating Microsoft Word from Visual Basic

Using COM to automate Word from your Visual Basic application isn’t very hard. Just did a sample for a friend and decided to share it. Not that the sample is very complicated or anything, quite the opposite in fact. But it does show how easy it is to get started [:)]   The sample code below shows how to construct a minimal document, insert a bookmark and, at a later moment, replace the empty bookmark with some text. Imports Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word   Module Module1 Sub Main() Dim word As New Application word.Visible = True Dim doc As Document = word.Documents.Add() Dim … Continue reading Automating Microsoft Word from Visual Basic

Workflow Foundation HOL session report

Dennis just posed a session report, with some pictures, about the WF HOL we did last week in the Microsoft Innovation Center in Barneveld. As I reported earlier I think the session went well and think the concept of a regular presentation combined with a hand on lab two weeks later is very interesting and something to be repeated. I certainly enjoyed it [:)] You can find his report here (in Dutch).   In case you were wondering about the competition it is still open. I did receive a few answers but the right one isn’t amongst them so you … Continue reading Workflow Foundation HOL session report

Sample files from my Hands on Labs

The hands on labs I did yesterday where very successful and all of us can look back at an evening well spend [:)] Thanks to the DotNed user group and Christiaan in particular for organizing this. Now if we only could get rid of the traffic jams, getting there from home took me three hours [:(], a drive that normally would take just one hour. But I guess that is something we will have to learn and live with. Below are the links to the two samples I created for the HOL session. The first is the console application, the … Continue reading Sample files from my Hands on Labs

Workflow Foundation hands on labs

Don’t forget, tomorrow is the HOL that we promised as a follow up from my workflow foundation session two weeks ago for the DotNed user group. There are just a few places left so I you want to come you need to hurry and register here: http://www.dotned.nl/events/default.aspx See you there [:)]