Sample files from my Hands on Labs

The hands on labs I did yesterday where very successful and all of us can look back at an evening well spend [:)] Thanks to the DotNed user group and Christiaan in particular for organizing this. Now if we only could get rid of the traffic jams, getting there from home took me three hours [:(], a drive that normally would take just one hour. But I guess that is something we will have to learn and live with.

Below are the links to the two samples I created for the HOL session. The first is the console application, the second is the same workflow but now hosted in ASP.NET and activated via a web service. Keep in mind that there is an intentional mistake in the code as a challenge to the attendees. Remember the first to find the mistake wins the book [:)] And the mistake is in the way of working with the WF parts so don’t bother coming back with database concurrency errors in the UI part!

I will be posting some hints as long as I haven’t received the correct answer so stay tuned for more info. And unfortunately the contest is only open for people attending the HOL yesterday.

The console sample
The web service sample


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