VSTO Session downloads

Last week I did a session on VSTO for the Dutch VBcentral user group. You can download the samples and PowerPoint slides from their web site over here. Keep in mind that the sheets are in Dutch [:)]. Enjoy the samples, I enjoyed the presentation!

Working with State Workflows

State workflows are very useful when it comes to modeling human interaction workflows. But having a workflow to handle the business end is just one part of the equation, the user interface is another. Most of the time this user interface will need to have buttons and/or menu options to perform one of the possible actions. And how do you know which actions are possible in a given state? Well that is where the StateMachineWorkflowInstance class comes into play. Unfortunately this class is a little harder to find than the better known WorkflowInstance class. Why, well the WorkflowRuntime has a … Continue reading Working with State Workflows

Visual Studio Tools for Office and the ActionsPane

If you want to add functionality to a specific Office document a Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) ActionsPane is a very convenient way of doing so if you are a .NET developer. Each document has a single associated ActionsPane so in this respect it is very different from a custom task pane as you can have multiple task panes. The actions pane is basically a WinForms UserControl, ok with the additional functionality of being able to work with Office, so adding controls is easy. Just like this: Me.ActionsPane.Controls.Add(New TextBox()) Of course adding separate controls like this is probably not … Continue reading Visual Studio Tools for Office and the ActionsPane

Creating a MOSS 2007 VPC

Installing MOSS 2007 is quite a bit of work and very easy to mess up if you do it in the wring order [:(] To help Tony Zink has created a very detailed series of blog posts showing the complete process. He is very detailed and has a lot of useful tips so make sure you read this before you start! Enjoy MOSS!

Shrinking VMware images

VMware is a really nice product to use; it should save me heaps of problems with my machine while working on different projects. But even with a new laptop with 200Gb disk space I seem to be running short. In part because of the loads of pictures I keep on my disk and in part because these virtual disks tend to be rather large. Cleaning up my pictures is something I just need to do, guess I should just remove a bunch and archive the bulk of the remainder to an external hard drive. Guess there is no way around … Continue reading Shrinking VMware images