Visual Studio Tools for Office and Visual Basic for Applications interoperability

One of the cool new features in VSTO v3 is interoperability between VSTO and VBA code in your Office document. The basic steps are pretty simple: Create a Word document with some VBA code. It doesn’t really matter what it just as long as it has some code. Save the document as a macro enabled document so it has the DOCM extension. Create a new VSTO project. Instead of new blank document base it on the just created document. In the property sheet set the EnableVBaCaller property to true. Add a public function to the ThisDocument class. Setting the EnableVBaCaller … Continue reading Visual Studio Tools for Office and Visual Basic for Applications interoperability

TeamViewer for remote support

Last week Mick introduced me to TeamViewer and I found it remarkably easy to use. The client doesn’t have to install any software just download the client version and you are good to go. It also includes a nice file transfer option we used to rapidly transfer some large files. TemViewer also supports a presentation mode. Haven’t tried it yet but from what I read you can use it to do remote presentations. I don’t know if this includes sound we just used Skype for sound and that worked just fine.

DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper! Day – Ireland

On May 3rd GAMTUG, the Galway Area Microsoft Technology Users Group, is organizing the DDD Ireland and I will be there doing a session on Workflow Foundation in a SOA architecture and a seconds session about using the new VSTO version 3 features that ship with Visual Studio 2008.   Check out the video for a preview

Windows Vista and low disk space

One thing I noticed right away when I installed Windows Vista is that it takes up lot of disk space. Sure I installed the Ultimate edition so I wasn’t expecting a very slim install but still it used a lot more disk space than I expected. My setup is a 50 Gb C drive for Windows Vista and program files while leaving a 140 Gb D drive for data. That may seem a lot but as I develop using VMware I use up quite a bit of it with 4 virtual machines. Anyway the practice of using a virtual machine … Continue reading Windows Vista and low disk space

Visual Basic 9 and .NET 2.0

You probably heard that Visual Studio 2008 lets you select the target framework version so you can use it to compile .NET 2.0 applications. I suspect you also heard about all the new cool features VB 9 includes like stuff like LINQ etc. Just in case you didn’t make sure you read up on Overview of Visual Basic 9.0 by Erik Meijer, Amanda Silver, and Paul Vick. And you probably assumed all those cool new features would only work if you where targeting the 3.5 framework, I know I did [:)]. Well guess again! Some of these features are only … Continue reading Visual Basic 9 and .NET 2.0

Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 Training Kit

Looking for more information about VS2008 and .NET 3.5? I suspect you might just be as there is a ton of new functionality and with the pace of everything coming out it isn’t likely that you know it all [:)] To help learn the new stuff Microsoft has put a Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 training kit together with lots of labs and presentations. Just go through the list and check what you would like to know more about. You can download the trainings kit from here. Enjoy!  

Long running workflows and the ReceiveActivity

Using a ReceiveActivity is a great way of exposing a workflow via a WCF proxy. Get started by creating a new project based upon “Sequential Workflow Service Library”. This is found in the WCF projects node instead of the Worflow projects node! Create a service interface, mine is nice and simple and add a few ReceiveActivity to the workflow and hoop up the service interface to the activities. No big deal so far and we can test things by just pressing F5 and having the WCF Test Client. Actually you can only call functions that are hooked up to an … Continue reading Long running workflows and the ReceiveActivity

SQL Server 2005 SP3

If you are expecting a link to the download I am sorry but you are going to be disappointed [:(] Why? Because it just isn’t available yet! I can already hear you saying “But it must be coming any day now, right?” Wrong [:(] Yes, I just heard from Hugo that there are no current plans for releasing a new service pack for the very simple reason not enough people are asking for it. Come gain, why was that? Because not enough people are asking for it! So click in this link and vote for another SQL Server service pack! … Continue reading SQL Server 2005 SP3