On the WF ReceiveActivity and WCF bindings

The new ReceiveActivity and SendActivity that marry Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) are really cool [:)]. Getting started is easy because a new Sequential Workflow Service Library, found under WCF instead of Workflow in VS2008, uses nice defaults for everything. But sooner or later you need to change these defaults and you need to know what can be done and what can’t. When you want to use the new ReceiveActivity in a workflow you need to use a compatible WCF binding. The reason for this requirement is that the conversation context, see this blog post, is … Continue reading On the WF ReceiveActivity and WCF bindings

ReceiveActivity, ContextTokens and conversations

In a previous blog post I showed how to use the ReceiveActivity with long running workflow and how to extract the workflow instanceId from the context using the IContextManager. I also showed how to rebuild this context at a later date when you use a new proxy object to call the same workflow instance. But what happens when there are multiple ReceiveActivity instances waiting for the same request in a workflow. In the workflow below both indicated activities are in a parallel activity so they are waiting at the same time and for the same request. The way to keep … Continue reading ReceiveActivity, ContextTokens and conversations

Finding the public key of an assembly

Sometimes you need to the complete public key of an assembly instead of the public key token. For example when you want to use the InternalsVisibleTo attribute when the target assembly is signed. The easiest way of doing so is using the Strong Name Tool or sn.exe with the –Tp parameter. So from .NET 2.0 command prompt do: sn -Tp <<your assembly>>   And if you want to add an Open .NET 2.0 SDK Command Prompt here shortcut menu option to the Windows Explorer check this tip. Enjoy! www.TheProblemSolver.nlhttp://wiki.WindowsWorkflowFoundation.eu

Configuring a self hosted ReceiveActivity and its runtime

In my last post I showed how to self host the workflow runtime and still be able to use a Windows Communication Foundation and ReceiveActivity. Hosting the workflow runtime in a WorkflowServiceHost is nice but in all likelihood you will also need to configure the workflow runtime itself and add some WorkflowRuntimeService to it. So how to do this when you never actually create the workflow runtime yourself? There are two possible ways to go about this depending if you prefer to use code or a configuration file. Lets first look at the code option as it is easier to … Continue reading Configuring a self hosted ReceiveActivity and its runtime

ReceiveActivity and self hosting WCF

One of the new, and pretty cool, Windows Workflow Foundation features is the ReceiveActivity that unleashes the power of Windows Communication Foundation to Windows Workflow Foundation. Getting started with a ReceiveActivity is quite simple as long as you start with a sequential Workflow Service Library. The new service host for Windows Communication Foundation services makes life good as it means you can test a workflow without creating a host application or resorting to IIS. But sometimes you just want to host the workflow runtime yourself and still use the ReceiveActivity. So how to go about and do that? For a … Continue reading ReceiveActivity and self hosting WCF

The Power of Custom Workflow Activities

The first of a two part article I wrote on developing custom workflow activities just appeared on the MSDN Visual Basic Developer Center. You can find the article named “The Power of Custom Workflow Activities” here. A second article with more details is scheduled to appear here as well.   For everyone new to Workflow Foundation I would suggest reading some intro level material first. For example my “Workflow Foundation 101” article or “Hello, Workflow” by K. Scott Allen. Enjoy! www.TheProblemSolver.nlhttp://wiki.WindowsWorkflowFoundation.eu  

Help shape the future of Workflow Foundation

The team building WF is looking for some input on what to do for the future of Workflow Foundation. To find out what you want they created a Windows Workflow and Rules Designer Rehosting Survey. Go ahead and fill it out over here: https://live.datstat.com/MSCSD-Collector/Survey.ashx?Name=WF_Rules_Designer_Rehosting_Blogs   Enjoy! www.TheProblemSolver.nlhttp://wiki.WindowsWorkflowFoundation.eu

MIX 08 Presentations

I guess MIX-08 was a pretty cool event [:)] Unfortunately all I can do was guess because I wasn’t there [:(]. So I guess I missed a lot of good sessions, right? Well wrong actually because the team that run MIX have already put the sessions up on the web! So go to http://sessions.visitmix.com/Default.htm and view all the sessions you want! I just watched Brad Abrams session about Ajax and VS2008 and its excellent! And best of all: they are also published in Zune and IPod format so you can take them on the road [:)] Enjoy! www.TheProblemSolver.nlhttp://wiki.WindowsWorkflowFoundation.eu