DevDays and The Hague Jazz

Last week was pretty interesting and busy [:)]

First we had the DevDays on Thursday and Friday. I was there to answer questions from the audience. I didn’t get too many questions so I could take my time and actually spend around 90 minutes answering questions from one and around 1 hour with another. Add some more smaller questions and it kept me busy but still left time to check a few sessions.

One notable session I watched was by Neno Loje. It was the first time I saw him speak and he did a session about advanced ClickOnce. He did an excellent job. In general I enjoyed the two days and have to congratulate “mister DevDays” Arie Leeuwesteijn on a job well done [:)]

Besides the day program there was a new evening program on the Thursday. This was a lighter program with fun session. The best session was IT Boxing with Hassan Fadili as a referee. He is actually a real referee on his spare time and he did an excellent job! [:)]


So Friday evening I went to The Hague Jazz. I was kind of tired by then but it was still great fun. I forgot to take my DSLR so I shot a few, lousy quality, pictures with my phone.



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