Windows 7

One of the things launched at the PDC is Windows 7. A number of new features where mentioned but the one I find most intriguing is being able to boot of a virtual hard disk. I use VMWare quite a bit, in fact I do most of my development in virtual machines, but that always means running a copy of Windows inside of Windows. Now the host Windows is actually not doing all that much except host the virtual machine and, being Vista, eat a lot of resources in the process. So the ability to get rid of the host … Continue reading Windows 7

SIlverlight out of the browser?

One of the intriguing things today at the second day of the PDC was the mention of SIlverlight outside the browser. There was no real statement about it but several references where made to it during the keynote. Now this opens some interesting possibilities! Lets hope there are some more announcements soon. Enjoy. [f1][f2]

Hot from the PDC: Windows Azure

Windows Azure is the Microsoft awnser to the Google App Engine and Amazon EC2. Basically it is a platform in the cloud for developing web applications. It isn’t just about hosting ASP.NET applications but also about services like SQL Server and SharePoint Server. You basically use Visual Studio and the languages like C# or VB ou already know. Development is local using a development server that mimincs the Azure network, just like Cassini mimicts IIS during development. And ofcouse Azul also contains workflow services [:)] Windows Azure is the development, hosting, and management environment of the Azure Services Platform, which … Continue reading Hot from the PDC: Windows Azure

Using the ReplicatorActivity in Parallel mode

I have heard quite a few times that the ReplicatorActivity can only be use in parallel mode with a custom activity. The reason being that you need an extra property to store the current child data. When the ReplicatorActivity works in sequential mode the following code works just fine: private void codeActivity1_ExecuteCode(object sender, EventArgs e) { int value = (int)replicatorActivity1.CurrentChildData[replicatorActivity1.CurrentIndex]; Console.WriteLine(“Loop value = {0}”, value); } However when run in parallel the current index always point to the last item so this doesn’t work. As an aside I think this is a bug as it results in hard to find … Continue reading Using the ReplicatorActivity in Parallel mode

jQuery Intellisense in Visual Studio 2008

I am pretty excited about the news, a few weeks old by now, that Microsoft is going to include jQuery with ASP.NET. For those who do ASP.NET development and have never taken a look at jQuery: you really should do so as it is a great tool to use for client side scripting! One of the cool things Microsoft is adding is Intellisense support, something that makes using jQuery a lot nicer! But why wait until Microsoft release the updated jQuery file with the extra comments? If you want Intellisense you can have it right now! Yes that is right … Continue reading jQuery Intellisense in Visual Studio 2008

Using collections of custom objects in a workflow

Last week during my Chalk & Talk session at the SDC one of the attendees was having problems with workflow persistence and collections of custom objects. Now I never got to see his code so I am not sure what the problem was but maybe this simple sample will convince him that this should work. So we need a simple type, I decided to keep thing really simple and use the following: using System; namespace WorkflowConsoleApplication1 { [Serializable] public class Person { public string Name { get; set; } } } And we need a simple workflow like this. The … Continue reading Using collections of custom objects in a workflow

Microsoft Releases Silverlight 2

Great new and a little unexpected so soon after the release of RC0. See here: for the full story. The download will be available tomorrow from Enjoy! [f1][f2]

The SDC was a great success

The SDC conference we organized this year near Amsterdam was a great success with lots of good sessions from excellent speakers [:)]. And the speakers seem to love being there as well even though we make them work for a living. Don’t believe me? Well check out this picture of Miguel Castro who scored an amazingly high score on one of his sessions!   I guess he was completely exhausted after doing his session and slept through the lunch during the Holland tour. Or would that be from the bar afterwards [;)].   See you at the SDC next year! … Continue reading The SDC was a great success