Returning exception information to a Silverlight client through WCF

Error handling code can be a drag but the simple fact is that everyone needs to write it because runtime errors can and do occur. Developing a Silverlight app is no different here, exceptions will occur and you as a developer will need to deal with them. One of the common things in Silverlight is communicate with a server through WCF and as soon as we start executing code on the server that is just another place where errors can occur. No big deal you might think as that is the same with any other application using WCF. Well the … Continue reading Returning exception information to a Silverlight client through WCF

Unit testing in Silverlight part 4, the UI

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Using the Silverlight Unit Test Framework it isn’t just possible to unit test regular code we we can also start to unit test user interface controls we create. Doing so is very similar to the asynchronous unit test we created before, just like those test we derive our test class from the SilverlightTest base class and decorate our test both with the Asynchronous and the TestMethod attribute. First we need a user interface control to test. Just for demonstration purposes I created a very simple control to add URL’s to a collection. … Continue reading Unit testing in Silverlight part 4, the UI

Running Windows 7 on a tablet

Today I installed Windows 7 on one of my laptops. Not my main machine, I am not quite ready to take the leap yet, but on a second smaller and newer tablet I carry around more often. First impressions are good! It seems to be as people are saying the OS Vista should have been. Installing Windows 7 was done in no time at all. I used this tip to create a bootable partition on my PDC and install it that way, worked like a charm and was done in no time. Next was installing VS2008 with service pack 1. … Continue reading Running Windows 7 on a tablet

Ice skating

For some reason we Duchies have a national obsession with ice skating on natural ice. I never go skating in a skating ring on artificial ice but when the lake freezes over I can’t really resist and must skate. Guess that is what happens when you live on the waterfront [:)] Here is me skating out behind the house Here is another near the lake. And it was really nice skating weather too! Maybe some more tomorrow before I head out to the airport for a week in London teaching Essential Windows Workflow Foundation.

Consuming an ADO.NET Data Service from Silverlight

When developing Silverlight line of business (LOB) applications we often need to get at some data from a database. There are various ways to do so. One option that is easy to get started with with is creating an ADO.NET Entity Data Model (EDM) and exposing that entity model using an ADO.NET Data Service.   Getting started The first thing we need to create is an ASP.NET Web Application. This is basically going to act as a container for our Data Service and our Silverlight LOB application. As you can see below I named the Web Application SLDataService. Next we … Continue reading Consuming an ADO.NET Data Service from Silverlight