Want to download all MIX sessions?

Then you should check Mike Swanson’s blog post here. He has two batch files, the first downloads all MIX session recordings with in the format you like, the second renames them so it is easier to make sense of all the media file names. If you just want a list of all sessions with download links this page might be the thing for you. So much better than downloading them by hand. Not as good as going to the MIX itself but if you, like me, couldn’t go it is still a nice way to see all the content. Enjoy!

Het is weer bijna SDE tijd

Nog een paar dagen en de volgende Software Development Event is weer een feit. Er zijn weer veel goede sessies deze keer. Maar er is meer, deze keer hebben we ook een Microsoft Surface machine staan. Dus als je nog nooit de gelegenheid gehad hebt om eens met een Microsoft Surface machine te spelen en te kijken wat je er nu eigenlijk mee kan is dit je kans. Het hele programma is hier te vinden. Tot volgende week maandag.

Getting T4 templates to work with Silverlight

In a previous blog post I mentioned that T4 templates didn’t quite work with Silverlight development. The reason being that Visual Studio decides to load the Silverlight version of System.dll which doesn’t contain all the required classes. Fortunately I was not the first person to run into this limitation, Jason Jarrett did as well and he described the solution in a blog post here. The solution turns out to be surprisingly simple, just not very obvious. All you need to do is include the following line at the top of the T4 template. 1: <#@ assembly name=”C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\System.dll” #> This way … Continue reading Getting T4 templates to work with Silverlight

Software Development Event march 30th

Just one week to go to the next Software Development Event. The schedule with all the sessions is looking good. But this time there is even more! We will have a Microsoft Surface machine somewhere in the common area for people to try our. And if you have never played, oops tested, with a Surface machine before this is a truly exiting machine! Just goes to show, the SDN will go to extraordinary efforts to please all attendees [:)] You can see the full schedule here. And don’t forget, we are not in Ede this time but in a great … Continue reading Software Development Event march 30th

Using T4 templates with Silverlight

Everyone who has Visual Studio 2008 also has T4 templates that can be used to generate code, or anything else textual for that matter. Using T4 should be pretty easy but unfortunately Visual Studio kind of hides the fact, there is no “Add T4 template” option and when you manually add one there is no help whatsoever in the box to create a working template. There are some tools out there that will help some but getting started with a simple template is easy. The following is a simple template to create a simple class 1: <#@ Template language="C#" #> … Continue reading Using T4 templates with Silverlight

Using a TransactionScopeActivity with a WCF ReceiveActivity revisited

Last year Marcel and I worked on a problem using a TransactionScopeActivity inside a WCF ReceiveActivity. I blogged a number of time about our finding, for example here. Last week I heard from Marcel that a hotfix was finally available that solves this problem. He blogged about it here. Great work to see there is a fix for this serious problem. Enjoy! [f1][f2] And now on Twitter at http://twitter.com/mauricedb.