Looking back at the MVP Summit

Last week lots of MVP, myself included, where in Redmond visiting Microsoft on our yearly MVP pilgrimage. The MVP Summit is always a great event. Not only do we get to talk to the MS team members who actually design and build all the software we love and use but we also get to meet each other. And with MVP’s being located around the world that is kind of rare as well.

Despite this being a great event I still have very mixed feelings about this last MVP summit. The problem isn’t the events itself or the people I met, that was al great [:)]. No the problem was in some of the technological decisions made in product groups. Unfortunately I can’t divulge details yet because I have signed an NDA but as soon .NET 4.0 as beta 1 is made public I will be able to blog about some of these decisions. And rest assured I will!

The reason we really need to is the way these important changes are communicated. Or should I say not communicated. Some very important changes where not communicated at all and could only be derived by bullet points missing from PowerPoint slides. Only when directly asked about the missing bullet point would someone say “Yes that is right, we decided to …. NDA … because … NDA …”. Sorry about the NDA part [:(].

I can only say that these decisions are a big problem and I know several MVP’s who decided to skip other sessions on the same product as a result. I didn’t, as far as I am concerned ignoring a problem is not going to make it go away, but I really think this product team needs to reevaluate this decision and the general future trend.


Despite this hiccup I am very exited about lots of the things I got to see and am really looking forward to .NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010. Now if we only could have a beta today [:)]. When we will have a first beta is still a big question though. If a date was announced I missed it, the best I heard was a quarter and is quite a time span.




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