.NET RIA Services and data communication

I was working on an article about the .NET RIA Services and decided to fire up Fiddler to take a close look at the data actually passed around. I was sort of expecting to see a WCF REST based approach with XML messages. Turns out I was wrong, though I expect this option will be added in the future.

It turns out the .NET RIA Services use JSON as their serialization format. This is actually kind of nice as the DataContractJsonSerializer is part of the System.ServiceModel.Web assembly and therefore usable by all .NET clients.

The good part is that a .NET RIA Service is also usable from a JavaScript browser based client. So the same .NET RIA Services library gives us lots of client options. Now this was always the plan but it is nice to see that the default already enable it.


And the best thing?

Well that is that I was already using the .NET RIA Services and never even needed to know how the messages where actually send across the wire, something I shouldn’t have to worry about when developing a RIA style application. Which is exactly the goal of the .NET RIA Services.

Cool stuff and highly recommended if you want to create browser based LOB apps [:)]


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