Replacing an iPhone

Some time ago I got myself an iPhone and I have to admit I really love the little machine. But even good things can go bad and in my case it was a problem with the sound over the headphones. Well the machine has been replaced and I somewhat dreaded getting a new one and having to reinstall all apps and redo all settings.


Turns out I didn’t need to worry [:)]

As it turns out Apple really thought about this experience and made sure it was as easy as it could be. Today when the replacement iPhone I arrived I just popped in the sim card and connected it to iTunes to activate it. The cool thing was that iTunes detected the new phone and asked if this was to be added as a new phone or a replacement of the known one. I told it it was a replacement and it just restored all phone settings as they where before. All I needed to do was enter a few passwords here and there for things like mail and WIFI account and it was up and running again.

So next I hit sync and all the apps I had on the phone, including all their settings, where back and I was completely in business. An amazingly smooth experience and the way it should be. Basically the only thing I can complain about was that I was without the iPhone for a whole week because it had to send in and it took them a week to return the new one and the fact that the icons where arranged differently on the screen as that seems to be the only things that wasn’t restored. Guess Apple needs some features for a next version of the software too [:)]

All in all a very nice experience and I wish more products worked like this.

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  1. I was hoping to read about REPLACING iPhone with some Windows Mobile based device, where I am in control of the phone I paid for – not Steve Jobs.

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