.NET Events site bijgewerkt met iCalendar optie

Ik heb zojuist een nieuwe versie van .NET Events in Nederland beschikbaar gemaakt.   Nieuw is de mogelijkheid om de gegevens ook als iCalendar agenda binnen te halen in Microsoft Outlook of een andere agenda die met een iCalendar feed om kan gaan. Wel zo handig om te zien of er conflicten zijn met andere afspraken als je naar een bijeenkomst wil gaan. Hoe het een en ander in 4 eenvoudige stappen in Outlook 2007 moet configureren staat hier.   En zoals altijd, weet je een bijeenkomst die voor .NET ontwikkelaars interessant is maar die nog niet op de lijst … Continue reading .NET Events site bijgewerkt met iCalendar optie

Sending your own objects to a WF4 workflow

In the previous two blog posts (here and here) I showed how to create and expose a Windows Workflow Foundation 4 workflow via WCF and have both a workflow and a regular C# client work with it. But the parameter and return value where real simple with just a string each. So how about passing some more complex data.   To show how to do so I will replace the singe string with a person object. Admittedly not the most complex person with only an id, first and last name and their birth date but enough to demonstrate the principal. … Continue reading Sending your own objects to a WF4 workflow

Using Windows Workflow Foundation 4 Receive from an non WF client

In a previous blog post I described how to use the WorkflowServiceHost and host a workflow with a Receive activity that waits for WCF messages. I also added a WF4 client that called the service and received a response. However a lot of clients out there are not going to be workflows but “regular” code that calls into out workflow. So what does it take to have a simple console application talk to our WF4 service?   The first thing we need is an service contract describing the operation we can call. In our workflow the operation is named “Operation1” … Continue reading Using Windows Workflow Foundation 4 Receive from an non WF client

Combined DevelopMentor instructors blog feed.

Michael Kennedy, one of the co instructors from DevelopMentor, has created a combined feed from all the blogs of the various DevelopMentor. An awesome group of people with a lot of knowledge to share. Highly recommended in you RSS reader. http://feeds.feedburner.com/DevelopmentorInstructors   If you want to check out a list of the individual blog feeds look here.   Enjoy!   [f1] [f2]


Recently I started using ASP.NET MVC for a real project. SO far I had been reluctant to use ASP.NET MVC as it meant giving up on the post back model that so many of the available ASP.NET controls depend on. Yet a lot of people I know and respect where saying good things about ASP.NET MVC so I decided to try it out on a small but real project.   Well the project isn’t finished yet but I am a convert [:)] Using ASP.NET MVC is much nicer that I expected it to be. Sure the post back model, and … Continue reading Using ASP.NET MVC

Error Logging Modules and Handlers for ASP.NET (MVC)

I am working on a new ASP.NET MVC app and like so many other applications out there I need to log any errors should they occur. recently I heard about ELMAH Error Logging Modules and Handlers for ASP.NET through this blog post of Scott Hanselman. So as using en existing and proven solution is always better that reinventing the wheel I decided to try ELMAH and see how easy it is to get started.   Well I can only say I am positively amazed at how easy it is.   Starting from scratch it took me less that 2 hours … Continue reading Error Logging Modules and Handlers for ASP.NET (MVC)

Tweeting when you post a photo to Flickr

There are several ways you can go about it if you want to post a tweet when you can upload a photo to Flickr. The official Flickr way is add Twitter as a blog in your account “Extending Flickr” page and clicking “Blog this” on a new picture you want to tweet. While this works perfectly well there is also an automatic way if using the Flickr REST API. One of the options is to generate an RSS feed. Using this and the free TwitterFeed service I can automatically tweet whenever I add a new image to Flickr. The Flickr … Continue reading Tweeting when you post a photo to Flickr

Combining WCF and WF4

There are several ways to use WCF in combination with Windows Workflow Foundation 4. The two can be combined inside of a XAMLX file as Ron Jacobs describes here. Another option is using the WF4 Receive and SendReply activities and hosting the workflow yourself using a WorkflowServiceHost. This is quite a useful option but, at least at the moment, not quite straightforward. When I was trying to get things working using a declarative workflow and the designer Visual Studio 2010 would keep in locking up so all workflows in this example will be coded using C#. Not quite the way … Continue reading Combining WCF and WF4