Workflow 4 and Visual Basic expressions Survey

The topic of Visual Basic expression in Windows Workflow Foundation 4 seems to be a bit of an item for some people as you can see in the comments to my blog posts about it here. Now personally I don’t think it is such a big deal as it only concerns the expressions entered in the workflow, the main project can still be C# if you so desire.


Anyway the team responsible at Microsoft have created a survey asking for feedback on the subject. So if you have an opinion, and many seem to, please take 5 minutes go here and complete survey.




2 thoughts on “Workflow 4 and Visual Basic expressions Survey

  1. To be honest, I’m not convinced yet that workflow 4.0 is on a high enough abstraction level to reach the mindset of a ‘business user’. Although another great leap in technolgy and possibilities, in most of my experiences, the business user does not natively explain his disired behavior by entering equations in IT style representation but a grammar native to the country. To give an example, in your referred post you show how to enter a delay. Although the technical implementation “TimeSpan” word is not needed it’s still a rather ‘programmatic’ or military way of denoting a time span. I think the ‘business user’ would like to say “5 seconds” or “”, not “00:00:05”. To come to the point of your post, I see the target for this tool, as intended by Microsoft, being the business user. So, however much we as developers like C#, we´re not the intended target audience.

    To put things in another perspective, the expressions are part of a larger workflow where way more complex items and vocubularies are required to complete the full desired functionality. If we developers can all create enough GUI’s where the ‘business users’ are only exposed to the expressions in VBA i see no problem. I’m afraid this won’t be the reality though.

    I seriously suggest to consider CLR languages. Micrsoft might be selling themselfs short by not allowing a scientist to use F# equations in the expression shape.

    Heading to survey 😉

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