CodeCamp iPhone & jQTouch presentation

During last years CodeCamp in Rotterdam I recorded my presentation on doing iPhone development using jQTouch and ASP.NET MVC. After looking at several options I have posted the recording on Vimeo. You can view the Dutch language recording here.

If you are interested in doing iPhone development but don’t want to get started using Objective-C that jQTouch might just be what you need. Its a cool way to build HTML 5 and JavaScript application for the iPhone. And, thanks to HTML 5, it will even let you take the application and data offline if you want that. Best of all you can deploy them without going through the Apple AppStore if you prefer not to. And if you still want to go the AppStore route a product like PhoneGap will even let you do that.



3 thoughts on “CodeCamp iPhone & jQTouch presentation

  1. Thanks Maurice!

    Your idea is a great way for ASP.Net developers to use our wonderful platform and achieve good Time-to-Market for new iPhone apps.

    Maybe MVC’s friendly URLs would make convenient paths in the HTML5 cache manifest…

    Could you achieve similar results with IIS7 url rewriting? Or are WebForms going to bite me when I start testing the app offline?


  2. @Zach,

    IIS7 and URL rewriting would work just fine. Webforms might not work so well though as you have less control over the HTML being generated. And with all the postbacks it is not very suitable for offline apps. Can be done but using MVC should be much cleaner.

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